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Lloyd Smiley:
Musician, Radio Host, Digital Music Producer, Superintendent, etc.

                                                                                                                                            Welcome to my website!

- I'm from Ottawa. The capital of Canada.

- I am the volunteer host/producer/etc. of a radio program on 93.1FM  CKCU
The show is called "
Catch 23" and it would be wonderful if you listened to it. 
It airs every second Thursday at 11pm.

- I am also one of the hosts of "Roots & Rhythms" on CKCU.
It airs at 8pm on Wednesdays. I host every second Wednesday.

- I am in a music band called The Minor Nines. Come to our shows!

- I'm the second-ever graduate of Digital Music Production, a certificate program offered at Algonquin College in Ottawa...
I also graduated with a B.A. in History / Philosophy from Carleton University.
My main interest was in Historiography and the methods of writing History.
Who gets in the books, and who's left out, is eye-opening!

- I've been making music for most of my life and playing guitar since I was 19. 
I am now 33 years young.

- My job right now is being the superintendent of an apartment building.
I do all kinds of things, like responding to calls, fixing things, and cleaning up after inconsiderate jerks. Fun! Not.

- In addition to all that, I'm a freelance music producer. My rates are comparatively excellent, and my heart is in it for the pure joy of our shared musical experience.  Let's play.  I think it is important to archive the past, so that we are better equipped to learn from it.  Also, there's that bit about democratizing history. Every artist's career cycles through many changes. I feel that recording their work and thoughts during these constant transitions might help us all better understand ourselves and each other in the future.

This site is dedicated to
John Smiley: 1940-2010

I miss him with all of my heart.

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