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Helpful Musical Links:
I'll keep adding more as I spot 'em
(and then bookmark this page -> you'll have it all!)

Audacity: The FREE Audio Editor:
I used Audacity to record all my "Rough Stuff" that's currently online. It's like a digital tape deck recorder... only there's no tape (so get your levels correct!) and you can multi-track as much as you have disk space to handle it (I've got like 80hrs recorded with 30Gs left on my drive!)
~ Also, download their "Lame" Mp3 encoder add-on, and you can export your projects into upload-friendly (and CD burning-friendly) Mp3 files.
~ It's free, which is good for those of us who can't afford ProTools at the moment...

Last Drag Records:
Neal "Diamond" Johnstone's Record Label is your gateway to Ottawa's basement dwellers.

Valhallah Guitars:
Need your ax fixed? James can do pretty much anything (check out Ole' Sparky!).

Spaceman Music:
Downtown? Need an amp? Need an guit-box? Need a mixing board? Enjoy Scott scowling at you?
Head down to Spaceman - they are out of this world.

aTube Catcher: The coolest thing I've found on the internet in a long time! Ya know how, on YouTube, you search for a song and all you get is a high quality audio file... but no actual video? Well, turn that annoyance into an opportunity! LEGALLY download YouTube video and audio-only posts! You can also choose to convert them into about 20 different file types! Sweeeet.

OTTAWA Band Links:
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Lloyd Smiley:
Hear Lloyd rocket solo at ReverbNation! Rough Stuff is in progress... Better Stuff to come!

Joffinator: (a.k.a. Lloyd)
Cover songs and other things that border on copyright infringement (also at ReverbNation).

Paco Dvoi:
His Bandcamp.com page is up and ready for your listening & purchasing pleasure!
The album "Shades of Dysphoria" (that I produced) is featured.

Lisa Marie Naponse:
I've been working with Lisa Marie for a little while now, and she's great! Bluesy, soulful... loopy? It's all working for her!
Her ReverbNation page is HERE.

Ottawa's answer to ActivOn... apply directly to the eardrums.

The Double Pumpers: (click here for MySpace) - Music For Cats
By far the best Ottawa band since the dawn of civilization! They keep their "mix of 70s riff-rock, 60s psych and Delta Blues" burning with a new album out soon!

The Mighty Eagle Band: - Last Drag Records
The Eagles fly mighty in this explosive hollerfest of rock!!!

The Lost: James, André, and Shaun will melt your face.

Tokyo Sex Whale:
Loud, tight and awwwright! If you like Q.O.T.S.A. or anything of that ilk ... you already love them.

The Fucking Machines: (click here for MySpace)
As dirty as they sound... and then some! Dual vocals, solid rhythm, old-school punk methods. Yarrr!

The MySpace page says it all... delicious.

The Semantics:
Introspective, airy rock-poppers. Check them out and support 'em if you like 'em!

Do you like 3-hour songs? Think music is pure sound and not formulaic? Then this is the music experience you've been waiting all year for.

Muffler Crunch: - Last Drag Records
Vikingesque duo from Hell. You have to hear them to believe them.

Jesus Mullet:
"Originally formed in February 2001 by Jay Chapman and Mark McGee, Jesus Mullet's goal is to play straight up heavy rock 'n' roll. After acquiring bass player Andrew Rashotte in early 2002, the band has recorded several demos and most recently recorded the full-length "Waiting For The Next Wagon" which is soon to be released." [quote from their MySpace page].


Andrew Vincent and the Pirates: - Kelp Records
Sadly, relocated, AV is on his own most of the time - which can actually be better than you think!
You may recently remember that Old Navy commercial
... or may actually have known Gary Haché
... or ever lived in the "Sink Room" of Arthur St.
~ whichever the way, you'll appreciate the surfy / Velvet Undergroundy / awesomy tunes.


Flight of the Conchords: (click here for MySpace)
New Zealand's greatest Folk / Hip-Hop / Comedy duo! You will be addicted.

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