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I keep promising to deliver some 'official' recordings, but time, money, and general ability are not coalescing. Stay tuned!


January 2015,

 I recorded a cover of John Prine's "Christmas in Prison" sometime around the holidays on my cell phone. If this interests you, take a listen below:

While I'm at it, I should mention that I'll be performing at a place called A Thing For Chocolate on February 19th... check out this poster... seats are limited (to around 30, I think), so if you plan on making it, get there early! See you then!

Also, way back in April of 2014, I forgot to mention that I finally took the time to sit down and record a "better" version of my song "Spectre". While I was at it, I happened to be messing around with some animation and the result is below. Enjoy!

May 3rd, 2014

So, here's a story unconstrained by time.  I re-tried to record a song I wrote back in 2006 when I was living in Taiwan.  It all started when I was reviewing a version I produced back in 2009, while I was living in a cottage in Québec.  I muted the 'scratch' (and scratchy) vocal track to better hear the acoustic guitar, which served as the foundation of the recording.  Unable to reproduce the timing and feel of this recording, I decided to re-record the vocal track and jazz it up a bit with an electric guitar solo.   So the other day, I was preparing to lay down the solo, when I randomly challenged myself to attempt playing the entire vocal melody on the guitar.  With the exception of a few sour notes, I was so pleased with my efforts that I decided not to record the vocal track after all, and just let the guitar do the 'singing'.  Here's the result:  "End of Daze" (Instrumental Version).  Enjoy!

February 14th, 2014

    A couple of days ago I wrote this song in the shower.  Well, I wrote the first verse in the shower, then hopped out and over to my trusty Tascam DR-1 digital recorder in order to mutter a rough take into it. Turns out, I finished writing it, right there.  You can hear the results by clicking my ReverbNation thing (above).  
    Today, I sat down (fully clothed) with my camera and Tascam, to try a 2nd take. 
It's a nice tune and I'm glad it came to me when it did.  Moral: perhaps I should bathe more often!


September 7th, 2013

We headed down to Nashville on our musical adventure South (collecting records, visiting music museums and studios, etc.)
In Nashville, I couldn't help visiting Jack White's (of the White Stripes, et al.) Third Man Records building.
It was slightly smaller than I imagined, with most of the office and warehouse space off-limits.
As you enter, you're hit by the genius of Mr. White's primary colour marketing scheme. Yellow, Black, Red, White, and Blue
everywhere makes the place extremely bold and pleasing to the eye.

There were really only three areas of interest (unless you include the taxidermies and the Fembot-like staff):
1. The display case, full of knickknacks and whatnots from the White Stripes Lego used in their "Fell in Love With a Girl" music video
to the mugs, 45rpm record cases, and turntable slipmats (all 3 of which I went home with - the slipmat can be seen in the video).
2. The vinyl record store area, will nearly every TMR release available.
3. The "novelty department" alcove, with Mold-A-Rama machine, real chemical-dipping old-school photo booth,
 and.... the 'one-of-a-kind' 1947 Voice-O-Graph recording booth [see video below], where you can cut your very own
6" 45rpm record, live in the store, on clear vinyl.  The recording time is only 111sec. (again, a genius marketing tie-in to TMR)
and the even offer a special 45 sleeve with pre-paid postage, so you can slip it in the mail as in days of old.

Here's a cheesy video I made all about it.  We didn't end up taking too many photos (even though they didn't seem to mind)
... could be our 'Canadian modesty', or just the fact that the whole experience was hard not to take in live and in-person
rather than behind a camera screen. Either way, ENJOY!


A while ago, I entered a contest for the CBC (didn't win) that was about Marshall McLuhan (the media forecaster)...
And, Since the contest is long over, here is a link to the audio I submitted!
(the video was an after-thought)

The goal was to splice together a bunch of
McLuhan sound bites.


"McLuhan Remixed"...
stick around for Go-Go Girls!

Here's a video my teacher made during
"Intro to Singing" at Algonquin College (2011):

This is a video of me playing at the Elmdale Tavern in Ottawa (2010):

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