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April 6, 2009

Why Fluorescent Lights Are Freaking Me Out:

So recently, at work, I've been noticing a marked increase in 'near-headaches' and eye-fatigue... You might say, "Gee Lloyd, sounds like a regular day at work for me!", and I'd probably agree if it wasn't for my sinking suspicion that it has something to do with the hundred-odd fluorescent light tubes we have all over the store. I only just came to this conclusion the other day, after I found myself inexplicably drawn to the darker areas of the storage room, in order to 'recharge' and refresh my mind. This sounds crazy, so I thought I'd Google fluorescent light tubes, to see what (if any) health-related articles have been written about them.

Here are some of my findings:

The flickering of the tubes is annoying and draining. But it's not the tubes' fault. It turns out it's what regulates power to the tubes that can alternate in voltage, and has not much to do with the tubes themselves. Regardless, the flicker happens and can lead to increased fatigue, anxiety, unexpected aggravation, 'drained' feelings, headaches, and eye irritations. I'm experiencing all of these symptoms more and more each day. Am I just over-worked? Or is there more to this flicker than meets the eye???

"Although humans cannot see fluorescent lights flicker, the sensory system in some individuals can somehow detect the flicker. Ever since fluorescent lighting was introduced in workplaces, there have been complaints about headaches, eye strain and general eye discomfort. These complaints have been associated with the light flicker from fluorescent lights. When compared to regular fluorescent lights with magnetic ballasts, the use of high frequency electronic ballasts (20,000 Hz or higher) in fluorescent lights resulted in more than a 50% drop in complaints of eye strain and headaches. There tended to be fewer complaints of headaches among workers on higher floors compared to those closer to ground level; that is, workers exposed to more natural light experienced fewer health effects."

[Wilkins, A. J., Nimmo-Smith, I., Slater, A. & Bedocs, L. (1989). Fluorescent lighting, headaches and eye-strain. Lighting Research and Technology, vol. 21, 11-18]

Now, I'm no scientist...
but I don't appear to be alone in my discomfort. If only I could convince my boss that better lighting would ensure the longevity of his worker's chosen employment and thus, a worthwhile investment....

April 04, 2009

Here's something you may or may not have heard about...


Now, I swear this to be true: I was carrying on some kind of usual confrontation-esque debate [the way I do] nearly 2 years ago, over the feasibility of the 'electric car' - that would eliminate vast amounts of carbon being emitted into our collective air supply.

The argument against it was, typically, one of convenience. "Can you imagine how long it would take to recharge the batteries?" This was one of my opposition's presumably rhetorical questions, to which I replied: "Well, I guess you'd have to figure out a way to swap out the batteries… like, instead of going to a gas station, they switch your dead battery for a fresh one." I was rebuked by, "oh ya? Who's paying for these batteries?" To which I answered, "I dunno, maybe some company who owns them? That we rent them from? Like a cell phone provider!"


Well, holy crappa'moe'lee, it's happened again. Apparently there's this company called "A Better Place," run by a guy named Shai Aggasi, who was setting this all up AS I WAS THINKING IT (I forget the word for this phenomenon - but I think it explains the development of math and gunpowder somehow as well).


Anyway, as this is the "NEWS" page, I thought I'd tip you off to this fantastic development. You may or may not have caught Mr. Aggasi's appearance on CBC Television's "The Hour" with host George Stroumboulopoulos a month or two ago... 

If not, the link to The Hour's interview: IS HERE.



Sounds great, doesn't it?!!!

Mar. 08. 09

Sasha and I went to see The Watchmen movie last night and... crap. What crap!
It was the most beautiful waste of time I've ever experienced.
Now folks, I rarely voluntarily go to movies that are bad... but this one just kept on sucking.
I don't know if it was the unsuitable soundtrack of late 60s/early70s hits, the horrible acting of the 'bad' good guy, or the 20ft tall glowing blue penis that swung as the guy walked around, slaughtering Vietnamese peasants.

Offensive? Yes. Enlightening, no.

I felt, at some points, that it was merely satire... but it turned out to be a parallel universe... and then turned out to be a parody of that parallel universe... and then... I stopped caring and felt trapped in the theatre, forced to witness the fantastic shit show that is this movie.

Avoid the Watchmen. You will leave angry, confused, or fall asleep in your chair. It is a slow, overly complex, obscure film - with uneven acting and so much bad cheese -- it stinks!!

If you have 10 bucks to blow, go see it so we may begin commiserating. Boooooo!

oscars Feb. 25. 08

~ OSCARS (Academy Awards) coverage... here

- - - If you're unemployed, go outside!!!

Feb. 12. 08


(they're full of poo particles!)

Feb. 11. 08
~The 2008 Grammy Awards
(A LloydSmiley.com exclusive report)

Feb. 3. 08
Created a new "Blogger" blogspot page...
Ahhh.... space savers. ~:)
THE .... BEST.... MOVIE .... EVER :
Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins (1985)


My favourite childhood song...
"Yellow Bird High Up in Banana Tree"
...sung by mariachis... to a baluga whale.

This Bird is a Snowboarding MACHINE!!

Here's a neat-o auto-tune mash-up featuring
the late-great "Cosmos" host Carl Sagan...
Stephen Hawking also appears
in this wonderful auto-tune fiasco:

If you like what you hear, check out Third Man Records' website for release info on the track

Deathly Brinicle, a.k.a. the
"Ice Finger of Death"
filmed by the BBC!!


And now for some...OTHER

This TED video demonstrates something I've noticed myself
since my days of youthful ignorance: Isn't it a bit alarming
that the 'average' person can't fix household things anymore?
I remember my grandfather could find a piece or part for nearly
anything he owned that broke. Even my dad was pretty handy.
Now though, it's like nobody can fix anything by themselves!
It doesn't help that most things these days are nearly impossible
to fix at all... like toasters. Does yours even have a visible screw
to turn? Take a look! I bet it was sealed in a factory and there
is probably no way you could possibly get into it without bending
or breaking it further. Does this worry you? It worries me....

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